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18.04.2018 Riječ resornog ministarstva RH (Ministarstvo regionalnog razvoja i fondova EU)

Meet our lecturer:


Krešimir Jendričko, univ. spec. oec.,

Ministarstvo regionalnoga razvoja i fondova Europske unije (MRRFEU)

Predavanje:  Nacrt Poziva za dodjelu bespovratnih sredstava „Izgradnja mreža sljedeće generacije (NGN)/pristupnih mreža sljedeće generacije (NGA) u NGA bijelim područjima“


Ministry of Regional Development and EU Funds (MRDEUF)

Lecture:  Draft of the Call for the Proposals "Deployment of the Next Generation Networks (NGN) / Next Generation Access Networks (NGA) in NGA White Areas" 

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28.3.2018 - FiberWeek NEWS: First day

  Za hrvatski kliknite OVDJE


FiberWeek NEWS: 2018 Concept:

Review of First Day Themes
(presentations and round table)


Overview of the fixed next generation access (NGA) in the Republic of Croatia
  • Statistical indicators
  • Related activities in 2017 and 2018

Fiber Optic Distribution Networks:

  • Does it make sense for the government and local /regional self-government units to grant state aid for twisted copper pairs “on steroids”?
  • Can investments in fiberoptic distribution networks be effective?
  • Are there investment models which would facilitate faster and more effective investments into open fiber optic distribution networks for the local self-government units?
  • Who needs deregulation of the fiber optic distribution networks construction, or to whom open fiber optic distribution networks cause discomfort?
  • New strategic orientation of operators towards the development of fibre optic distribution networks – why and how?

National Programme for the Development of Broadband Backhaul Infrastructure in Areas Lacking Sufficient Commercial Interest for Investments, as a Prerequisite for the Development of Next Generation Access Networks (NGA) (NP-BBI)

  • Why and where the(not) approved NP-BBI has been hidden while at the same time the European Commission criticize the Republic of Croatia for failing to withdraw any funds allocated within the European Regional Development Fund for the development of broadband in Croatia?

National Framework Programme for the Development of Broadband Infrastructure in Areas Lacking Sufficient Commercial Interest for Investments (NFP)

  • Experience gained in  preparation of NFP-based projects - from the view of Competent Authority for the Programme (CAP)
  • Experience gained in  preparation of NFP-based projects  -  from the views of consultants and local communities
  • Activities in preparing  the call for applications for co-financing the construction of NGA networks using state aid based on the NFP – approved project assessment criteria, instructions for applicants, planning of related activities
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