Topic 1:

  • Title: Overcoming Rural Broadband Challenges with VIAVI Fiber Solutions
  • Subtitle: Construction, Activation, and Maintenance
  • Description: Our advanced fiber testing and monitoring solutions are purposely designed to address rural broadband challenges. From accelerating construction to simplifying activation and enabling proactive maintenance, our tools empower service providers as we help them conquer obstacles and deliver reliable broadband to rural communities.
  • Presenter: Daniele Venuti, Solutions Engineer


Topic 2:

  • Title: Fiber Sensing: Unlocking New Possibilities for Networks and Beyond
  • Subtitle: Exploring DTS, DTSS, and DAS Technologies
  • Description: For us, fiber optic cables are no longer just for data transmission – they have evolved into intelligent sensing mediums with game-changing applications. In this session, we'll dive into our fiber sensing technologies: DTS (Distributed Temperature Sensing), DTSS (Distributed Temperature and Strain Sensing), and DAS (Distributed Acoustic Sensing).
  • Presenter: Daniele Venuti, Solutions Engineer


Topic 3:

  • Title: Accelerating High Fiber Count Deployments
  • Subtitle: Maximizing Efficiency with MPO and TruBiDir Solutions
  • Description: As fiber networks expand with increased fiber counts, deployment efficiency grows more challenging. Our MPO switch for OTDRs enables testing up to 12 fibers simultaneously, dramatically reducing testing time. Furthermore, our TruBiDir solution provides accurate bidirectional results in less than half the typical testing duration. These advanced tools from VIAVI are invaluable as we streamline high fiber count deployments.
  • Presenter: Daniele Venuti, Solutions Engineer


Presentations will be in English!